Thursday, December 27, 2007

Winter Time Ain't What It Used To Be!!!

The following is a photograph of Court Street looking east toward the Gordon County Court House. The photograph is dated 1892. There is a pretty fair amount of snow on the ground. If we had that much snow on the ground in the morning Calhoun would pretty much grind to a halt. For Calhounites of the day this snow did not seem to cause much trouble. They seem to actually be prepared for such an event. Note the two sleighs in the picture. Throughout the photographic archives there are many wintery scenes of Calhoun. Is this a photographic record of a time when north Georgia was colder? My family comes from the northern hill country of Alabama and Mississippi and my parents and grandparents sure indicated that it was colder when they were kids. My grandmother told of mornings when my great-grandmother would get out of bed and broom the snow off the quilt they slept under. Apparently they had a serious roof issues in those days.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful Picture of Calhoun. There is also a painting of this same picture. My great aunt grew up there and she said it used to snow a lot more back then than it does now. It was colder, it snowed more often and more inches when it did snow. As you said they were much more prepared than we would be if we got this much snow!