Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Snow Cream

It snowed this evening in Calhoun, Georgia!! The kids are crazy with the hope that school will be cancelled tomorrow. I do not want to miss school...we will be required to make up the day..I would rather have the snow day off!!

On the other hand I remember growing up in Birmingham, Alabama and missing school for snow and ice. Those were the days!! When I was about 14 we were out for several days. I was in a group of boys that laid in a road side ditch waiting to ambush the few motorists that ventured out after a couple of days of being unable to move around. We had great fun hitting them with snow balls they crept by in their cars. This fun soon came to a crashing halt. One of my compatriots had been packing an oversized snowball that apparently transitioned to an oversized chuck of ice. This flying ice berg connected with the “flat” wind shield of a real Volkswagen Beetle ( 60-ish model…baby blue with large spreading rust spots) and severely cracked the glass. Since the driver knew most of our parents it was not long before we were summonsed to our homes and informed of the plan for restitution and punishment.

Another memory of the snows of my childhood is Daddy’s snow cream. Daddy always made this from the snow on the hood and trunk of the car. He added milk, sugar, and vanilla flavoring in an unknown ratio. As a matter of fact, Momma said he made a batch today. It snowed in Double Springs, Alabama much earlier than here in Calhoun, Georgia. Daddy’s stroke damage makes the communication of measurements difficult at best. Mamma did not see how he mixed the ingredients this afternoon, so the ratio remains a mystery. My wife, Alice, grew up in Crews, Alabama and experienced school canceling snows and ate her daddy’s snow cream. She informed me tonight that there is not a set ratio of ingredients---you just mix them up. I have a problem with “just mixing them up..”
I would really like to know the proper ratio of snow cream ingredients. If you have this knowledge please let me know. Of course it probably will not snow here again for five years and will I lose the recipe and be in the same fix again!!! By the way, our two resident Yankee math teachers at Calhoun High School know nothing of the wonders of snow cream. They can not understand getting excited about snow!!!

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