Sunday, February 24, 2008

South Wall Street Water Fountain

Wall Street runs north and south through the heart of Calhoun. Directly in front of the present day Court House Wall Street is intersected by Court Street. North of the intersection Wall Street is referred to a North Wall Street and south of the intersection it is referred to South Wall Street. I found a photograph of a drinking fountain that was dated 1908. In the description of the photograph the drinking fountain was said to be in the middle of South Wall Street. Examination of the 1911 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map indicates the existence of landmark labeled as a well in the middle of Wall Street just south of the Courthouse. It appears from this map that the well would be in front of the present day Pete’s Music Store on the west side of the street and L’Palazzo on the east side of the street. I would imagine that the paving of Wall Street in 1918 and 1919 spelled doom for this fountain.