Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Information about Unknown Landmark

I learned today that there was a reservoir atop of Mt. Alto at one time. Could this be a man made oval shaped reservoir? I also may have a lead on the house in front of the structure.
Tonight I discovered digitalized 1911 tax maps for Calhoun on the Internet. There is a road on one of these maps named O'Calligan Road. This road is labeled as leading to the "Reservoir". This road appears to start directly across Piedmont from North Court Street. I think that O'Calligan is the alley that leads to the parking lot the Calhoun Municipal building. I visited this parking area Thursday afternoon and discovered that there is an iron pipe jutting out of the bank above this parking lot. The 1911 map indicates that an eight inch pipe followed O' Calligan to the "Reservoir".

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