Monday, August 13, 2007

Unknown Landmark in Calhoun, Georgia

This home in the middle of the photograph is the Boston House or Mt. Alto. ( ca. 1939) It was the home of Dr. John H. Boston. Dr. Boston is a notable Calhoun figure. However, this post is about the odd structure behind the house in the upper right hand corner of the picture? Any ideas about what we are looking at? You can double click on the picture and it should open in Explorer.


Terry Thornton said...

Greg, Thanks for the link to Hill Country. Glad to see you've a blog up and running.

Re: odd structure behind house in upper right appears to me to be a huge tennis court or some sort of playing field requiring a hard smooth surface. Note the tall pole for lighting; note the tall fence to keep in stray balls; note the low fence that may mark the outer limits of tennis courts. But I'm just guessing!


Papa Hall said...

It's 2011,and I recently found this blog several years old and the area in question was an inground reservoir for the Calhoun water system.This was not the only one either, the other was located north of this location and were filled by two wells and several springs. The two wells are located at the intersection of College Street and Red Bud Road. And the sprngs are across the road from the well locations and are scattered all the way east up to the old church past the Piggly wigggly grocery store.